The Fourth International Conference on Modern Trends in International Relations and Media

The Fourth International Conference on Modern Trends in International Relations and Media

SCHWLAR held the fourth international conference entitled (Modern Trends in International Relations, Media, Social and Educational Sciences) in cooperation with the Arab American University in Palestine in Ankara, Turkey on the 1st & 2nd of August. 132 researchers from (20) Arab and foreign countries participated in the conference. 102 papers were accepted, including (70) in attendance, and (42) remote research, while (55) papers were rejected because they do not match the conditions set by the institution, consistent with the conditions of scientific research followed in international universities.

The study of these standards was the result of an effort by the Foundation’s team over a period of four months, led by Dr. Murad Al-Abdullah, Director of SCHWLAR. Approved research papers will be published in refereed academic journals in addition to the conference booklet. These journals are: Journal of the Arab American International University for Research issued by Palestine, the Journal of Initiation of the University of Dongola – Sudan and Sibawayh Journal of Arabic Language and Educational Sciences affiliated to Sultan Idris University in Malaysia. The research will also be published in a number of international Scopus journals, upon to the researchers’ interest.

The conference included themes of sociology, education, politics, international relations, media, law, history, geography, Arabic and English. Research summaries were presented in both Arabic and English languages, with the aim of comprehensiveness and diversity of scientific sources.

Recognizable academic and political figures attended this event, most notably the representative of the Palestinian embassy in Ankara. A number of events were held on the sidelines of the conference, the most prominent of which was a panel talk entitled (The Middle East in light of international transformations: regional policies, security, economy, media and public opinion trends).

The panel talk hosted the following experts: Dr. Ayman Youssef, Professor of Political Science at the Arab American University in Palestine, Dr. Ahmed Saddam, Scientific Affairs Officer at Schwlar Foundation and Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs at the College of Administration and Economic at the University of Basra, and Dr. Hani Al-Kunisi, Director of TRT English-language news affiliated with the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation. During the session, international developments and their impact on the Middle East were discussed, and attracted great interaction from the audience of scholars.