About us

A group of professors from various universities of the world, we have taken upon ourselves the establishment of a scientific community with an atmosphere of exchange of scientific and academic opinions under one roof, combining academic and scientific work, away from the noise of politics and conflict of religions.

The Schwlar have been organising and hosting conferences, and the strategy of the Schwlar has been mainly aimed at faculty members at all universities, as well as building on the strengths and addressing challenges in the evaluation of scientific research, in addition to the preparation of scientific reports and studies provided by the institution for the development of research and guidance to the most important problems experienced by some sectors, and the most important strategies that will be implemented by the institution’s continuous follow-up to all sectors, and provided with honest scientific research to provide valuable data and accurate figures and scientific views. The function of Schwlar is not limited to the organisation and preparation of conferences, but will also extend to include the society in finding scientific solutions to its problems and needs.

Schwlar provides a range of scientific services, the first of which will be the preparation of scientific subjects that will be the title of a scientific conference, then the preparation for the main sections, and then complete all the procedures, in addition to the issuance of a specialized scientific journal that contains the refined research after arbitration and scientific diligence.