Innovation in Business Organizers

Innovation in Business Organizers

On the occasion of the global entrepreneurship week, which is organized by Network Global Entrepreneurship, Scholar Worldwide (Schwalr) foundation hosts the Fourth International E- Forum titled: Innovation in Business Organizers, and this time in cooperate with Arabian Gulf University, Jordanian Society for Business Entrepreneurship, and Best Practice Foundation for Management Consultancy in Dubai. The forum will be held in 4 & 5/Dec./2020 at 6:00 PM (Baghdad Time).

Targeted group

Academics, businessmen and those who are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship in business organizations.


  • Nizar Moh’d Othman, Jordan.
  • Fairouz Mosleh ALdhmour, Bahrain.
  • Abdel fattah Al-ajlouni, UAE.
  • Laith Abdullah AlQhaiwi , Jordan.
  • Sami Nizar Daif Alla Khasawneh, UAE.
  • Jumana Basheer Aburumman, Jordan.