The 7th International Conference: Modern Trends of Research in Humanities and Social Sciences (MTRHS-23)

The 7th International Conference: Modern Trends of Research in Humanities and Social Sciences  (MTRHS-23)

Organized by Akdeniz University- Education faculty (Türkiye) & Scholar Worldwide (Schwlar)
Conference Date: October , 2023, 25th- 26th
Deadline for submission: 1, 2023, October
Venue: Investa Hotel -Antalya
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Ali Mishari
Rector: Prof. Dr. Hilmi DEMIRKAYA

The 7th International Conference: Modern Trends of Research in Humanities and Social Sciences


October 25th- 26th, 2023, Antalya – Türkiye

 Organizational Committee

Prof. Dr. Murad Al Abdullah – (CEO)

Scholar Worldwide ( SCHWLAR )

Vice- Chairman Conference

Mustaf Canar (Ph.D)

Akdeniz University- Education faculty

Head of Scientific Committee

Othman Alatiyah (Ph.D)


Head of Organizational Committee

External Relations

Dr. Ilker Ozcilik

Süleyman Demirel University


External Relations

Assist. Prof. Intissar Abo Najm


Director of External Relations

Conference Call

Scholar Worldwide (Schwlar) for research, studies & global academics cordially invites you to participate in the 7th International Conference: Modern Trends of Research in Humanities and Social Sciences (MTRHS-23) which will be held in Antalya – Turkey. Academics, scholars and PhD students from around the world are welcome to present their abstracts, research proposals and full papers in this upcoming conference (MTRHS-23). Akdeniz University- Education faculty (Türkiye) and Scholar Worldwide will organize the conference on October 25th- 26th, 2023.

Important Dates

Announcement of the Conference  1st ,May. 2023
Deadline for Abstract Submission 1st, October, 2023
Deadline for PowerPoint Submission 15th, October, 2023
Deadline for Full Paper Submission  31, December, 2023
The Conference Date 26 -27, October, 2023

Applicants will be notified of the result of the research submitted to the conference committee within a period of two weeks from the date on which the abstract is received.


Inside Turkey (Turkish Citizen only)

2000 Turkish Lira for Turkish people (without Accommodation & Publication)

2500 Turkish Lira for Turkish people (with Publication)

Outside Turkey

450 USD (for participation).

400 USD (Attendance only).

450 USD for the main Author, 400 USD for the Co-Author (for partnership paper).

100 USD (for any additional paper & presentation).

400 USD (for all postgraduate students. A confirmation letter is requested from students).

200 USD (for online participation)

200 USD (Poster Participation)

400 USD Escorts without attending the conference

250ٍ USD (for participation without Accommodation).

Facilities for Researchers:

The organizing committee of the conference will provide all the facilities for researchers including:

  1. Submitted papers will undergo a thorough evaluation by the conference scientific Committee.
  2. Selected papers will be published in international refereed scientific journals after a double-blind review of the journal.
  3. Researches and proposals will be collected and published in Proceedings online and in print
  4. The Conference Organizing Committee will provide the participants with accredited certification, approved by Akdeniz University- Education faculty (Türkiye), Scholar Worldwide (Schwlar)
  5. The Conference Organizing Committee will be responsible for fulfilling all the services that will accompany the convening of the conference, from organizing scientific conference sessions according to general specialization, as well as refreshments during breaks, in addition to providing lunch and dinner meals throughout the days of the conference.
  6. A certificate of participation/attendance will be provided to the participants who have presented a research paper or proposal.
  7. The Conference Organizing Committee will designate a reputable hotel for four nights-five days along (check-in date: 25 October 2023, and check-out date: 28 October 2023.).
  8. Training workshop will be provided to all participants along with a training certification.

Conference Tracks

Track 1: Translation studies.

Track 2: Languages.

Track 3: Social and human sciences

Track 4: Educational and communication studies

Track 5: Turkish Language And Literature.

Track 6: Information Systems.

Track 7: Business and Management Studies.

Track 8: Civic and Political Studies.

Track 9: Cultural & Global Studies.

Track10: Economics, Finance and accounting.

Track11: Islamic Studies.

Track12: E-Learning studies.

Track13: Sociology.

Track14: Knowledge and information society.

Track15: History.

Track16: Geographic.

Track17: Accreditation and quality

Track18: Kindergarten & childhood.

Track19: Gender.

Track20: Psychology.

Track21: Arts

Track22: Autism.

Track22: Fine Arts.

Track23: Philosophy

Track24: German Language and Literature

Track25: History of Art

Track26: Ancient Languages ​​and Cultures

Track27: Russian Language and Literature

Track28: Archaeology

Track29: English Language and Literature

And all other related topics.

Important Notice:

  1. All participants by research invited to present their full papers or abstracts orally in addition to using Power point slides.
  2. Please bring your presentation on a USB flash drive, and manage your oral presentation for 15 Minutes using Microsoft PowerPoint software.
  3. Each presentation room will be equipped with a laptop and data projector for PowerPoint presentations.

Participation & Publishing Conditions

  1. The research must belong to any of the conference research topics.
  2. The research must not be previously published in scientific journals or submitted to any other conference.
  3. Research papers must be submitted according to the conference template in both Arabic & English languages.
  4. Research papers must be written according to the scientific & academic style.
  5. Research papers are to be sent right after the conference is held to be for further review by the scientific committee and later publication in the scientific magazine.
  6. Research papers must not exceed 20 pages, A4 form, including appendices and references.
  7. Research papers must be written in WORD document:
  • For Arabic Papers: Simplified Arabic, font size 14, margin size 11
  • For English\Turkish Papers: Times New Roman, font size 12, margin size 10, page dimension 2.5 cm, 3cm from the right side
  • References must be written according to APA style.

Contact Info
For more Information, please contact us via: +9647708858195     (Arabic)

+964771 3547132    (English)

+213 664 51 95 45   ( French)

+905528016109       (Turkey)

+972594962253       (Palestine)

+213664519545        (Algeria)

+201288283572       (Egypt)

+971 56 332 6201     (Lebanon)

+601116278599        (Malaysia)

+9647708858195     (Iraq)

+998 907094477      (Uzbekistan)

+2347035002859     (Nigeria)

+48 664 418 842      (Poland)

+971 56 332 6201      ( UAI)

+973 3902 0605       (Bahrain)

+968 9487 3666        (Oman)

+62 819-9900-6924  (Indonesia)

+963 933 594 849      (Syria)

+249 91 108 0001       (Sudan)

+212 634-392702        (Morocco)




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