Management Team

Management Team

Prof. Dr. Murad H. Al Abdullah

Prof. Dr. Murad H. Al Abdullah Executive Director

Schwlar Director Prof. Dr. Murad H.Al Abdullah is an academician, and an active member of Journalists Syndicate, Photographers Association in Iraq and member of association of international and Iraqi translators. He obtained his PhD degree in Contrastive Linguistic between Arabic and English languages from the International Islamic University Malaysia. Al Abdullah has bachelor degree in the literature English language, and master degree in Arabic language. He published a number of scientific articles in various domestic, regional and international journals and presented research papers in different conferences.


Ahmed Saddam (Ph.D.)

Ahmed Saddam (Ph.D.)  Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs

He is an academician and member of various International Economic research centers and international journals. His research interests include trade, foreign direct investment (FDI), human development, transport economics, and environmental studies. He is a well-known speaker at international and local conferences. He has a number of research papers published in high impact factor journals and co-author of several local and regional books. As a research manager with Schwlar, Ahmed is ambitious to help academia and civil society through his sound research expertise and knowledge.


Abdulrahman Al-Rahmani (Ph.D)

Abdulrahman Al-Rahmani (Ph.D) Deputy Director for Administrative Affairs

He is an active university professor specialised in quality management. He has a wide professional and academic experience in the area of Total Quality Management. He awarded a Ph.D. from the University of Salford-UK. He also has contributed in many training courses in the UK. He published several articles in domestic and international journals. Throughout his career, participated in many conferences and workshops. His research interests in the implementation of Quality Systems and Models in Higher Education and SMEs, Service Quality, Enterprise, and Entrepreneurial Development.


Othman Ismael (Ph.D)

Othman Ismael (Ph.D) Deputy Director for Logistics Affairs

He is an active academician and member of many scientific committees of international conferences. He awarded his Ph.D. in Islamic theology and philosophy from Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi (SDÜ) Turkey. His master’s degree was in the Interpretation and science of the Holy Qur’an from the World Islamic Sciences & Education University (W.I.S.E) Amman, Jordan. Ismael has good experience in International conferences as he worked as a coordinator and member of preparatory committees in many conferences.

Intissar Hamad Abo Najm

Intissar Hamad Abo Najm International Team - Lebanon /Director of External Relations

She is an associate professor at MUBS for the Faculty of education and social work. The head of English and Pedagogy department at Irfan School. A specialist in the sciences of teaching EFL/ESL, teacher training, & curriculum design.

Holder of M. Ed in teaching English, a master degree in law and dispute settlement, and a PhD candidate for sustainable development in education. Intissar has a number of several research papers and analytical articles.

Mrs. Dileen Sardar Alnoori

Mrs. Dileen Sardar Alnoori Consultant

Mrs. Dileen is a faculty member of Public Law at the University of Zakho, and she is an active academic member and researcher. She has participated in many training activities, seminars, conferences, forums, and workshops; she is also a Legal consultant at Bishkuren NGO in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Dileen awarded a master’s degree in public law, specializing in Constitutional Law from the University of Alexandria in Egypt in 2015, and the BA degree was in Law and Politics from the University of Duhok-Iraq in 2006.

Mrs. Zuhdi has held several administrative positions at both universities of Duhok and Zakho. She has worked as a business consultant for the German organization of GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) in the Kurdistan Region, and she is a member of the International Commission of Jurists.

Faten Yousef

Faten Yousef Media Director

A political journalist and researcher in international relations, she worked in regional and international media” Visual, print and digital”, She rose from news editor to team leader and then editor-in-chief. In addition to her media activity, she continues her academic career by publishing research and articles in academic journals and participating in international conferences.
She obtained a master’s degree in international relations from Altinbas University in Turkey in 2023, a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the Lebanese University in 2017, a bachelor’s degree in translation from the University of Basra in 2006, in addition to a diploma in economics and accounting from the Technical Institute in Lebanon in 2010.

Her media and academic activity did not distract her from carrying out social tasks. She participated in several campaigns to provide humanitarian aid and volunteer with field teams. In addition to these responsibilities, she works as media director at the Schwlar Worldwide Foundation due to her ability to bear responsibility and media skill to convey the organization’s message and aspirations to the wider world.