The 2nd International Conference on Recent Trends in Social Sciences and Humanities (RSH 2020)

The 2nd International Conference on Recent Trends in Social Sciences and Humanities (RSH 2020)

Organized by Azerbaijan, Baku 2020
Conference Date: 17-18, April , 2020
Deadline for submission: 1, March, 2020
Venue: Azerbaijan, Baku 2020
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Natalia Sypion-Dutkowska
Rector: Tomasz Duda Ph.D. Assistant Professor

                                                                            Organizing Committee



University Country

Tomasz Duda

Ph.D. Assistant Professor.

University of Szczecin



Maciej Czaplewski Ph.D. University of Szczecin


Natalia Sypion-Dutkowska Ph.D

University of Szczecin


Murad Al Abdullah Ph.D

Scholar worldwide



Ahmed Saddam Ph.D

Scholar worldwide

Scientific Research Director


Dr. Ilker Ozclik

Suleyman Demirel University Turkey

Abdulrahman Al-Rahmani Ph.D


Scholar worldwide

Deputy Director for Administrative Affairs



Othman Atiyah Ismael Ph.D

Scholar worldwide

Suleyman Demirel University

M.A. Ali Al-Salihi Scholar worldwide


Mohammed Siddiq Hussain. Ph.D

Qatar University Qatar
Behruz Ibrahimov Scholar worldwide


Metin Gürani

Scholar worldwide


M.A. Suhair Shakir

Scholar worldwide


Dr. Raed Hamzah Mohammed Karbala university


                                                                        Scientific Committee





Associated Prof. Dr. Bashar M. Nema

Information Technology Iraq

Dr. Himanshu D. Tiwari

Business Management


Dr .Pro. Alireza Jalilifar

English Discourse Analysis


Dr.  Sayyed Rahim Moosavinia

Associate . Prof.

English Literature & Narrative Analysis


Dr. Miragha Naghiyev

Political Science & Rrgional Studies


Dr. Wilson Cordova

Mathematics Education and Business


Dr.Valerijs Skribans

Associated Prof

Business administration


Dr. Ruby Melody Agbola



Dr. Natalia Sypion-Dutkowska

Assistant professor

Spatial Management Unit


Dr. Mayyadah Fahmi Hussein Hussein Assistant professor

Interior design


Dr. Gift Chidi- Onwuta

Applied Linguistics


Dr. Omar Ikbal Tawfik Financial and management Accounting Oman
Maciej Czaplewski Ph.D University of Szczecin Poland

Marek Dutkowski,

Full Professor

University of Szczecin


Ireneusz Jaźwiński Ph.D Assistant professor

University of Szczecin


Igor Kavetskyy, Ph.D. Associate Porfessor

University of Szczecin


Elżbieta Ociepa-Kicinska Ph.D

University of Szczecin


Sikora Mariusz, Ph.D.,

assistant professor

University of Szczecin



The (RSH 2020) aims to bring together scholars, researchers, academics and postgraduate students from all over the world to present their proposals and researches. The conference will accept papers written in English and Arabic. The 2nd International Conference on Recent Trends in Social Sciences and Humanities (RSH 2020) is dedicated to the promotion and presentation of peer-reviewed research. The conference aims at building a bridge for the participants to exchange their knowledge and ideas.

All interested academics are invited to submit their abstracts, research proposals and full-length papers via . The conference committee preferred topics in areas relating to the following tracks:

Track 1: social and human sciences

Track 2: accreditation and quality

Track 3: knowledge and information society

Track 4: Information Systems

Trak 5: Geographic Information Systems

Track 6: Arts

Track 7: Educational and communication studies

Track 8: Business and Management Studies

Track 9: Civic and Political Studies

Track 10: Cultural & Global Studies

Track11: Economics, Finance and accounting

Track12:  Public Safety

Track 13: Tourism

Papers submitted must be original and unpublished. All papers will be double blind-reviewed by the distinguished Review Board members. High quality papers and best presentation will be acknowledged by the conference organizing committee.


The (RSH 2020) aims to:

  • Provide a high scientific program for academics, researchers, postgraduate students from all over the world. The conference agenda includes a variety of majors and specializations that meet in one place to exchange scientific research topics with experts.
  • Promote international relations between countries of East Asia, China, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States by making Baku the meeting point for researchers in East and West.
  • Create a scientific environment to display the recent inventions and see what scientists and researchers from other universities reach in the academic fields and in the contemporary methods of teaching.
  • Engage graduate students in such conferences to enhance their values of creativity and research and to strengthen their confidence through competition and invention and to encourage them to work as a one soul universal team.
  • Exchange ideas and experiences between participants from different universities, and research units in the world, which leads to establish strong international relations between researchers through our institution that aims for more cooperation in the future.

Facilities for Researchers:

The management of the conference will provide all the facilities for researches including:

  • All sent papers to the conference management will be submitted to the scientific committee for scientific evaluation. All presented papers could be published in an authentic scientific journal after a double-blind review of the journal.
  • Conference management will provide services needed to hold a conference such as conference sessions, providing refreshments during sessions, breaks, and lunch for two days of the conference.
  • The conference management will designate a number of hotels with lower prices along with transportation from the hotel to the university and vice versa. The announcement about the hotels will be made three weeks before the conference to give the participants enough time to reserve the hotel. The conference registration fees include the cost of accommodation for two nights.
  • Full papers that have been submitted and accepted for publication will be published in a SPECIAL ISSUE of the Proceedings of Conference ISBN 978-9952-37-368-4


350 USD (early bird registration before 10 Jan. 2020

400 USD (for payment made after 11. Jan 2020

100 USD (for any additional paper & presentation)

300 USD (for all postgraduate students.

A confirmation letter is requested from students)

350 USD (Attendance only)

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+964 770 885 8195 (Arabic)

+964 771 354 7132 (English)



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